Adelaide Independent Taxi Fares & Charges


Current Taxi Pricing 

Adelaide Metropolitan Taxi Fares & Charges here.

Please note South Australian Taxi prices are regulated by The Department for Infrastucture & Transport.    

 Booking Fee:

Our business faces increasing costs due to the effects of high energy prices and inflation across all areas.

As a result of this, from midnight on the 19th September 2022, we will be introducing a $2.00 (including gst) booking fee to all bookings made by telephone, website and our app.

The booking fee is permissible under the Department for Infrastructure & Transport regulations and is stated on the Tariff Fare sticker located in each Taxi.

Hails do not attract a booking fee.

We value our local staff and the business and this change is necessary to ensure that we:

  • Keep our call centre in SA and provide local service; &
  • Be able to provide a better service to our customers;
  • Maintain the right mix of costs between customer services, taxi operators and drivers.

We are focussed on maintaining good levels of service, supporting our community and ensuring that our Call Centre function, remains in SA.”